Web Development




12 weeks



  • Introduction to Programming and Web Development :

    • Learn the basics of the Web, the Internet, and their history.

    • Understand and summarize how the Web works.

    • Define APIs and protocols.

    • Learn the basics of programming, writing code, and algorithms.

  • HTML

    • Define HTML, the structuring of a web page, the tags...

    • Create web interfaces with HTML tags.

  • CSS

    • Discover CSS.

    • Working with CSS selectors.

    • Add design to your website with CSS.

  • CSS layout

    • Define the positioning with CSS.

    • Discover "Flexbox", CSS, Grid, bootstrap.

    • Define the "responsive design" (reactive website)

    • Workshop: SEO fundamentals, utilities, examples.

    • Workshop: Web design and UX.

  • JavaScript

    • Define JavaScript.

    • Learn the basics of JavaScript, implement code with JavaScript.

    • Workshop: Live-coding.

  • DOM

    • Understand and Browse the DOM, and its utilities.

    • Manipulating HTML structures.

    • Create a dynamic website.

    • Workshop: Live-coding.

  • Git and GitHub :

    • Define Git and code hosting platforms for version control (ex: Github).

    • Discover most of Github Features.

    • Manipulate repositories on GitHub.

    • Workshop: Conference about Open Source Contributions

  • Final Project: Create a website using all this session knowledge.
  • Conference: Insights about JavaScript Frameworks.

Target & Objectives

  • Target :

    • People 13 years of age or older.

    • Web development and IT enthusiasts.

    • People who want to pursue a career in web development and software engineering.

  • The objectives of this program :

    • Discover the technologies and tools used in web development and explore the fundamentals of the internet.

    • Define and understand the fundamentals of web site creation.

    • Learn how to use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap...

    • Understand and master the HTML/CSS color model.

    • Learn how to create a website with a modern design with an emphasis on the web development skills that the student must learn on a daily basis.

    • Discover the role of JavaScript in web development.

    • Implement elegant, clean and well-optimized code using Javascript.

    • Use JavaScript to adjust the appearance of page elements.