How to start your business


180 DT


17 Hours



  • Ideation

    • Ice Breaker & speed dating

    • Introduction, What is it? Why is it important?

    • Mthodologie and approach, TCI- Theme Centred Interaction

    • Design thinking, Definition and how does it work

    • Practice (Brain storming), Parctice the approach in teams

    • First steps to start (Time managment)

    • How to make the idea happen (Plan)

  • Project issues

    • Business model canvas, Introduce the BMC and how to make revenue through the project

    • Practice the BMC, How to define and know the customer

    • Practical time, presentation

  • Generate revenue

    • Customer persona

    • How do we deal with the risks in a project? ,

    • Practical time, presentation

    • Use customer persona canvas

    • Empathy map, What is an empathy map, and how to use it?

    • Practical time, Use empathy map

    • Golden circle, Why, how and what

  • Present your project

    • Pitch deck structure, know the different parts of a pitch deck

    • Communication, Skills to pitch a project and public speaking

    • Practical, Prepare pitch deck

    • Final presentation, Presentations in front of judges

  • Startup ACT

    • What is startup ACT?

    • How to fill startup Act forms?

  • Closing and feedback