Surveillance cameras and electronic security


250 DT/Month


3 Months



  • Learn more about the elements of a monitoring system

  • Know the types of cameras

  • Know the types of cables

  • Know the difference between DVR, NVR & XVR

  • Build a complete project for surveillance cameras

  • Connecting the camera to the Internet and how to monitor the cameras from a Smartphone.

  • Identifying the equipment of an intruder alarm system

  • Carry out a complete project of an intrusion alarm system

Content of the training

  • Introduction

  • Equipment used

  • Type of cameras

  • Technical specifications of the cameras

  • Connection cables

  • Power supply unit

  • Add audio to the system

  • Use the Internet for remote monitoring

  • Complete project

  • Alarm systems

  • Access control

  • Wiring and wiring diagram

  • Installation of an anti-intrusion alarm system